Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Get People To Wear Safety Glasses All The Time

3M's "BX" Eyewear

One of the toughest safety battles is
getting people to wear their safety glasses
all day long

Let’s face it, the average pair of safety glasses can be very annoying, if not painful to wear.

Safety glasses fog up in the summer, they pinch the bridge of your nose and they can rub the sides of your head and ears raw.

But worst of all safety glasses can make you look as geeky as Buddy Holly! Some people would rather lose an eye than look like a geek.

The brainiacs at 3M came up with simplest of all solutions- they designed a pair of safety glasses people feel comfortable wearing and look smart in.

3M's BX eyewear system offers all the protection that ANSI Z87.1-2003 requires with style and comfort. (Bean counters put your hands down; the BX is also very economically priced.)

The BX offers:
• light weight frames
• sport style wrap around design
• soft adjustable temples
• anti-fog
• flexible nose bride
• indoor/outdoor mirror
• absorb 99.9% UV rays

Keep safety simple!

Remember, the more a person likes the way a pair of safety glass feels and looks, the more like they will wear them!

Buy smart and be safe.